With iPAVE this is the easy part

You can view our comprehensive web page and phone and discuss the suitability of the various types for your application

You can consult with your paviour, tradesman or landscaper most all of whom have a photographic record of a range of installations they have completed using iPAVE products as well as folders containing the iPAVE literature to make this easy.

You can call to the iPAVE state of the art consultation and selection centre for a one on one design and selection. Don’t forget to ring first and bring your drawings and any photographs along for reference.

iPAVE can arrange to send one of their trained design and selection professionals along with their mobile showroom to your site with an extensive range of samples and accessories for a one on one design, selection and measure.

Things to consider will be shape, size, colour, texture, laying pattern, slip resistance and your own taste.