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Lavido Tumbled Black Marble

Lavido Tumbled Black Marble

Lavido Tumbled is a stunning Black Marble quarried from one of the five marble and limestone hills located in Australasia, aptly known as The Marble Mountains. 

Depending on the method of laying used the need and type of edge restraint will vary.

Where required position an edge restraint around all open perimiters to prevent movement of the pavers and the wash out of the sub-base, coarse bedding sand and jointing sand.

Pavers bedded in sand over compacted roadbase require an edge restraint to contain the coarse bedding sand and compacted roadbse. This should be placed to the full depth of both the bedding sand and compacted roadbse, and can be constructed of a suitable masonary unit or paver laid vertically, concrete, treated sleeper.

Pavers bedded on coarse sand over a concrete slab (not recommended on a slope over 5%)

Use the perimiter coarse mortar (3:1 sand and cement) bedded to the concrete as the edge restraint, ensuring that the coarse sand bedding can drain freely and completely in all directions by inserting 25mm thick drainage conduits at intervals of 300mm around all perimiters, covering the ends of the conduit with a geo fabric on both ends to prevent them from blocking when screeding the bedding or backfilling the surrounds.

Pavers mortar bedded or glue fixed over a concrete slab do not require an edge restraint.