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Lavido Tumbled Black Marble

Lavido Tumbled Black Marble

Lavido Tumbled is a stunning Black Marble quarried from one of the five marble and limestone hills located in Australasia, aptly known as The Marble Mountains. 

iPave large format pavers should be laid and levelled individually at the time of laying as their larger surface size does not allow for effective compaction.

As all iPave pavers are calibrated for even thickness to a tolerance of +- 0.5 mm the traditional need for leveling by compaction is largely eliminated and would only be required if the

bedding sand is incorrectly leveled when screeding or as a means of vibrating the jointing sand into the joints.

If a compactor plate is used then the metal base must be covered with a double layer of carpet to prevent possible chipping.

Ask iPave about their large format Paving Lifter which a distinct advantage in laying large format pavers.