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Display Pools at Smithfield

Six display pools can be found at our Smithfield Display Centre.

All pools showcase Natural Stone pool coping, waterline tiles, stackstone and Gemtex pool interiors. All showcased products can be purchased at one of the iPave Concept Centres.

Display Pool 1 - Travertine Paperbark, Sapphire Glow Interior, Sapphire Waterline TilesDisplay Pool 2 - Indian Dawn Honed Sandstone Bullnose, Arctic Sky Interior, Sky Blue Waterline TilesDisplay Pool 3 - Indian Dawn Naturally Split Bullnose, Imi Blue Interior, Premixed Blue Waterline Tiles, Almond Stackstone
Display Pool 4 - Tuscan Beige Limestone Bullnose, Arctic Emerald Interior, Teal Tile Display Wall, Emerald Waterline TilesDisplay Pool 5 - Pewter Limestone Bullnose, Lapis Glow Interior, Obsidian Waterline Tiles, Galaxy Black StackstoneDisplay Pool 6 - Coconut Ice Quartzite Bullnose, Turquoise Interior, Mid Blue Waterline Tiles
Display Pools located at iPave Western Sydney - SmithfieldDisplay Pools located at iPave Western Sydney - SmithfieldDisplay Pools located at iPave Western Sydney - Smithfield

Pool Descriptions

Display Pool 1

Pool Coping - Travertine Paperbark

Pool Interior - Gemtex Sapphire Glow

Waterline Tiles - Sapphire

Display Pool 2

Pool Coping - Indian Dawn Honed Sandstone Bullnose

Pool Interior - Gemtex Arctic Sky

Waterline Tiles - Sky Blue

Display Pool 3 

Pool Coping - Indian Dawn Naturally Split Bullnose

Pool Interior - Gemtex Imi Blue

Waterline Tiles - Premixed Blue

Stackstone - Almond

Display Pool 4 

Pool Coping - Tuscan Beige Limestone Bullnose

Pool Interior - Gemtex Arctic Emerald

Display Wall Tiles - Teal

Waterline Tiles - Emerald

Display Pool 5

Pool Coping - Pewter Limestone Bullnose

Pool Interior - Gemtex Lapis Glow

Waterline Tiles - Obsidian

Stackstone - Galaxy Black

Display Pool 6

Pool Coping - Coconut Ice Quartzite Bullnose

Pool Interior - Gemtex Turquoise

Waterline Tiles - Mid Blue

Location - 4 Tait Street, Smithfield NSW 2164