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Lavido Tumbled Black Marble

Lavido Tumbled Black Marble

Lavido Tumbled is a stunning Black Marble quarried from one of the five marble and limestone hills located in Australasia, aptly known as The Marble Mountains. 

Cladding and Walling

  • Thredbo Quartz Random Cladding

    $95.00 per Square Metre
    Sizes: Random
    Coverage: Random
    Pieces Per Crate: 10 square metres

    Thredbo Quartz Random Cladding is a perfect example of incorporating nature to improve the look and value of a project, whether it be indoors or outdoors. 

    A Natural Stone product that is resistant to the elements, of high quality and durable. 

    In stock: 30 Square Metres

    As a natural product colours will vary
    Thredbo Quartz Random Cladding
    Thredbo Quartz Random CladdingThredbo Quartz Random Cladding