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Lavido Tumbled Black Marble

Lavido Tumbled Black Marble

Lavido Tumbled is a stunning Black Marble quarried from one of the five marble and limestone hills located in Australasia, aptly known as The Marble Mountains. 


Bluestone is more of a commercial and convenience name for a product that could be a number of Natural Stone varieties. iPave have a variety of Bluestone products in both paver thickness and bullnose profile (pool coping).

Bluestone is a very popular choice for people renovating existing properties and for new houses were neutral colours are to be used as per housing developer guidelines.

Perfect for paving in your courtyard, backyard, pergola area or as pool coping for your swimming pool, you can't go wrong with Bluestone.
  • Basalt Tumbled Blocks / Garden Edging

    $45.00 per Lineal Metre
    Sizes: 300mm-350mm Long x 150mm High x 150mm Deep
    Coverage: Approx 3.3 blocks per lineal metre
    Pieces Per Crate: 30 Lineal Metres

    Basalt is a unique, durable and organic Natural Stone that is formed after rapid cooling of basaltic lava. 

    Aesthetically pleasing and a popular choice for domestic and commercial design projects around the globe. 

    These tumbled edge blocks can be used to build a small garden bed or to line your garden edge. 

    In stock: 0 Lineal Metres

    As a natural product colours will vary
    Basalt Tumbled Blocks / Garden Edging
    Basalt Tumbled Blocks / Garden Edging