Bluestone is more of a commercial and convenience name for a product that could be a number of Natural Stone varieties. iPave have a variety of Bluestone products in both paver thickness and bullnose profile (pool coping).

Bluestone is a very popular choice for people renovating existing properties and for new houses were neutral colours are to be used as per housing developer guidelines.

Perfect for paving in your courtyard, backyard, pergola area or as pool coping for your swimming pool, you can't go wrong with Bluestone.
  • Zen Limestone 400mm x 400mm x 25-27mm

    $59.00 per Square Metre
    Sizes: 400mm x 400mm x 25-27mm
    Coverage: 6.25 pieces per square metre
    Pieces Per Crate: 74 pieces (11.84m2)

    Zen's most striking feature is the colour; jet black when wet and dark grey when dry. Attractive yet durable with a subtle rippled texture is a contemporary look to any garden. Limestone is composed of the mineral calcite, and often contains fossils of shellfish that lived in shallow seas where it were formed. Impurities during formation, such as clay, sand, iron oxide and other materials cause the amazing colour variations available.

    In stock: 50 Square Metres

    As a natural product colours will vary
    Zen Limestone 400mm x 400mm x 25-27mm
    Zen Limestone 400mm x 400mm x 25-27mm