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Lavido Tumbled Black Marble

Lavido Tumbled Black Marble

Lavido Tumbled is a stunning Black Marble quarried from one of the five marble and limestone hills located in Australasia, aptly known as The Marble Mountains. 


Limestone is composed of the mineral calcite, and often contains fossils of shellfish that lived in shallow seas where it were formed. Impurities during formation, such as clay, sand, iron oxide and other materials cause the amazing colour variations available. Limestone comes in a variety of finishes one of the most popular being a tumbled finish creating a natural rounded edge.
  • Quad Stone Recess Frame - Suitable for Quad Stone Skimmer Lid

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    Coverage: Recess Frame
    Pieces Per Crate: 1 piece

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    To be used in conjunction with the Quad Stone Skimmer Lid - Click here to view product

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    The Quad Recess Frame adds structure and extra protection to the QUAD Skimmer Lid installation.  The recess frame is inserted or placed in to the tiles around the top of the skimmer box (this allows the coping tiles to be laid up to a solid stainless steel edge, flush to the top of the surface).  If the Quad lid were to knock or be dropped on the recess opening, the stainless steel frame will protect the surrounding tile edges from excessive chipping and cracking.
    The recess frame also allows early provision for a Quad lid set out, as it acts as a template in the initial stages of the set up with quick and easy levelling by the Tiler.  This allows the QUAD lid to fit straight into the completed tiling project.  Once the tiling is complete, you can drop the lid straight into the frame for that perfect finish.   
    The frame protects the surrounding tiles from chipping. 
    Combined with the QUAD Skimmer Lid, the result is an easier to use, more durable, long term solution to a neat, strong, flush, finish skimmer lid.
    The Recessed Frame is suitable for use with the 10mm, 20mm and the 30mm  QUAD Skimmer Lids. 
    The QUAD recess frame is fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel and is 2mm thick.  The external dimension of the frame is 342mm x 342mm. The finished depth of the recessed frame angle is 2mm deeper than the selected QUAD lid.  The internal depth of the frame matches the external depth of the lid so both the lid and frames top exposed rim, finish flush with each other. 

    In stock: N/A Recess Frames

    As a natural product colours will vary
    Quad Stone Recess Frame - Suitable for Quad Stone Skimmer Lid
    Quad Stone Recess Frame - Suitable for Quad Stone Skimmer Lid